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 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37

Welcome to HISnearness Mumbai (Borivali / Dahisar campus), a prophetic house, where you can experience the nearness of God, which will enable you to live a life of overwhelming greatness in Christ. Indeed, His nearness is our greatness!

We are a Jesus loving church. We enjoy our times of worship. We thrive and feast on the Word. We honour the Holy Spirit and We compete to serve! Above all, together we celebrate Jesus in all that we do and possess all that He conquered for us on the Cross. If you are seeking to live a life of overwhelming victory in Christ, we would be glad to meet you!



The vision of HISnearness Mumbai is to glorify God, advance His kingdom and to fan into flame the fire of revival. 

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Pursue Him Blog is a personal blog of Pastors Derrick & Kim. Articles on this blog are an overflow of their fellowship with the Holy Spirit . The blog focuses on five main categories: Christian Walk, Leadership, Marriage, Media and Parenting.

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Soar Girls is a weekly blog for the girls and by the girls with a vision to raise a generation of girls who soar in Christ. Articles on SG blog are packed with heart-focused content and provide practical solutions for real-life issues based on God’s Word. 

From a victim to more than a conqueror

Victory stories

I was raised in a born-again Christian family, but I never had a personal relationship with Christ. In college, I made the wrong choices and got addicted to drugs. The devil had put a snare around me and I couldn’t get out as much as I tried and wanted to.

I had lost hope, living with no goals for the future, my heart had become numb.

But God had different plans. In 2019, He started stirring something in me and got me connected with Pastors Derrick & Kim and soon I had my first breakthrough.

I thank God for connecting me to this stream of living waters where I am being continuously transformed by the Word of God. God removed all the wrong connections and gave me a spiritual family and my beautiful wife. Nine years of bondage got broken and I was given a clean slate to start life again. 


I was born in Chennai in 1995 and soon after my birth, unfortunately, my parents got divorced. Few months later, my mom married another man. My  stepfather used to beat me severely due to which I had faced 5 years of Coma & years as a handicap in a wheelchair.

As I was in stepping in my youth I decided to end my life because it was getting from bad to worse. I went on a railway track exactly before the time when an express train would pass from there.  This day here on the railway tracks, I encountered the God of Lights (many bright lights), the Lord who loves and the one who saves (John 3:16).

After many days of my search, I came to know His Name is Jesus. And since then till now, my life has taken major turns and I’ve had a wonderful journey with Jesus by His Grace. It’s a totally beautiful life where I grow in His love everyday, unlearn/learn, soar high and dive deep in the Kingdom of God and set others free. This is conquering life with Jesus!


Raised in a broken Christian family, I never knew God. As a child I suffered tremendous rejection from my earthly father. Financial lack didn’t make things easy for us. To meet ends, I started working young. Wrong friendships led to serious addictions. Soon I was diagnosed with malaria and jaundice with damaged liver and lungs. On that hospital bed, I discovered God through His Word, and I was completely healed and restored.

Further God blessed me with a spiritual covering and a spiritual family.

It has been 6 years now. I am clean, alive, and a full-time Jesus Lover. Because of Jesus alone, I am not a victim of my past but a Conqueror. God gave me an opportunity to be a part of the Worship Movement in India and I got to travel to around 46 cities to schools and colleges across India to share the message of hope in Jesus, and many opportunities to represent him till today,


*HISnearness Mumbai ( Borivali / Dahisar campus) is part of the registered trust, Pursue Him Foundation