JESUS Lovers Bootcamp

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Jesus Lover’s Bootcamp is not just another church camp! Our annual camp is an intense time of seeking the Lord, away from the distractions of the world. 

The camp’s agenda is prayerfully planned to renew your fellowship with the Holy Spirit with focused sessions of the Worship, Word and Ministry. The location chosen is always secluded from the hustle bustle of the city, with no one to disturb if you thrive on quite time. 

Someone once said, our four days camp is like living in the times of ACTS.

Come and experience fresh encounters with the Holy Spirit, prophetic words, healings, and transformation! 



  • Digging dig in the Word
  • Love time with the Holy Spirit
  • Impromptu praise break-outs
  • Early Morning prayer
  • Leadership development sessions
  • Team Games
  • Praise-Bonfire
  • Meaningful conversations with people of same interest and faith.


For the past many years, I had been living a miserable life without any emotions. The devil would bring up my past and continuously poke me with it, completely demotivating me. Had stopped reading the Word and never prayed.
God touched me in this camp and revealed to me about my broken heart and the plans he has in store for me. My parents have felt the change in me when I came back. Now, my mind is being filled with all positive thoughts continuously. Every lesson taught in the camp is echoing in my head. I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and have started praying and meditating the Word. Never have I felt more alive.

Jobin Lazar


I could feel the presence of the Lord as soon as I entered the campus. I had come to the camp to know more about our living God, about His love, about the work that He has assigned me to do and with an expectation to absorb in me that “much more”.

Our God is a faithful God and what all he spoke to me at the camp was so bulky that I felt I hardly had any space left to store that inside of me. All the sermons were easy to understand and so direct that it answered many of my questions. I was left in total awe on the last day of the camp because I had come expecting and empty, and God poured out all of His love into me in those 4 days. All the frustration, worries about the future and everything that used to trouble me are gone

Silvi Gawali


I experienced the presence of God in the fellowship of single-minded and Holy Spirit inspired men and women guided by an anointed leadership. There is peace and joy in this fellowship of like-minded Christians.

The Word shared is Holy Spirit breathed and inspires a Spirit filled life to unlock one’s destiny and full potential. This camp is not to be missed!

Anne Mathew


At KSI camp, I experienced Jesus and His love for me. I saw all coldness broken. I use to think I am not normal and was trying to fit in the world but now I know that being crazy for Jesus is normal. I felt the fire of Jesus came out of this camp with the Holy Spirit fire. It was an amazing experience.

At the camp, I felt each person there is a church carrying Jesus inside. One must attend to experience and encounter Him alone, taking time out not for a holiday but a honeymoon with Jesus, lover of our souls and get to know Him more and more

Alisha Jose



Jesus Lovers